Representation & Capacity Building

Be present in Brussels

From our offices in Brussels we can provide you with a cost-efficient solution for representation or we can help you build your own capacity for political representation.

To have real influence on political decisions, you need to be able to deliver your message with the necessary impact and credibility.

This requires your company or organisation to have the necessary capacity to be present at all times. You must be a trust-worthy partner in political decision-making before your problem or issue occurs.

Establishing permanent relations with Brussels decision-makers takes time. A permanent representation and secretariat allows you to engage in the political process in a timely manner.

Whether in Brussels or in another capital, Konsentio can help you think through your need for representation and decide on a solution that allows you to engage with decision-makers in a credible and consistent manner.

We look forward to helping you with your challenge.

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Make your voice heard in Brussels.