Fair Transport Europe

Konsentio is a proud partner in organising the European Citizens’ Initiaitive ”Fair Transport Europe – equal treatment for all transport workers”.

In spring 2015 transport workers, citizens and trade union members came together and decided to work to make real improvemets in the working and living conditions for millions of transport workers all over Europe.

The official launch of the initiative on 28 September 2015 in Brussels, will kick-start a Europe-wide collection of signatures supporting seven concrete proposals to end social dumping, and ensure equal working conditions and fair competition in Europe. In other words Fair Transport Europe.

The petition is sponsored by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), and is part of an effort to engage constructively with European decision-makers, and creating alliances across political groups, with national governments and employers in various transport sectors.

Visit the website and sign up for Fair Transport Europe here and follow the campaign on @FairTransport or facebook.com/FairTransportEurope


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Fair Transport Europe
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