Monoglia Charity Rally

Konsentio supports team yeyo-148 who drove the Mongolia Charity Rally in the summer 2015. The team consists of Joanna Meade and Jeroen Thijs

The Mongolia Charity Rally raises funds to support children’s primary education and general safety in Mongolia  – especially for girls, whose enrolment in primary education has halved between 2012 and 2013.

With the modernisation in Mongolia and consequently increased unsafe use of electricity as there is an increase of fires in the country. This is why team yeyo-148 has chosen to drive in a firetruck and donate it to the Nalaikh district outside the capital Ulaanbaatar, where they will also help build the new school.

In July 2015 Joanna and Jeroen ‘team Yeyo–148’, drove 15.000km to Mongolia in a firetruck to:

  • Help build a new school with almost three times the capacity of the structures already in place;
  • Donate the firetruck, several months of their time and as much money as can be raised in before or during the rally;
  • Bring loads of children’s books, clothes, toys and medical supplies (basically as much as they can fit in the firetruck)


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Firetruck to Mongolia