Maghreb trade and investment

The five business organisations of the Maghreb area have decided to put action behind words and boost economic integration between the five countries in the Arab Maghreb Union.

The private sector Maghreb Initiaitve for Commerce and Investment (IMCI) was launched at the Maghreb Entrepreneurs Forum 3 in Marrakesh on 18 February 2014.

Konsentio has delivered the IMCI report and action plan “Making the case for Maghreb business in times of change”, which gives concrete recommendation on how to strengthen the political priorities and organisational capacity of the five Maghreb business organisations. The report includes a two-track plan of action: On the one hand to define policy priorities and actions and on the other hand to build the necessary organisational structure between the five business organisations in the Maghreb Employers Union (UME) to undertake a permanent and credible engagement from the business side.