Familier med kræftramte børn

Every year in Denmark around 160 children and youngsters, under the age of 14, are diagnosed with cancer.

Konsentio is proud to support the Danish organization ´Familier med kræfteramte børn (FMKB) / Families with children affected by cancer´.

The organization was established in 1983 and today counts more than 1850 family-members representing a family who have or have had a child or youngster affected by cancer.

FMKB works for improving the treatment of cancer as well as increasing the support for the child/youngster and their families through e.g. different activities and counseling.

FMKB contributes to ensuring funding for research in cancer in relation to children and youngsters, and work with prevention and alleviation of the implications of cancer as well as the treatment.