Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, speaking at BusinessEurope Day 2016 

BusinessEurope Day 2016 

Konsentio is proud to organise the 3rd BusinessEurope Day 2016. Under til title ‘Reform to perform‘, BusinessEurope and a select group of business leaders and political decision-makers debated actions that need to be taken to improve Europe’s performance. Among speakers were Dutch Prime Minister, Minister of General Affairs Mark Rutte and Commissioner Bieńkowska, as well as other top European decision-makers. BusinessEurope explained what reforms European companies expect in the European Union and its member states.

Konsentio will soon be busy organising  BUSINESSEUROPE Day 2018.

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With the help of Konsentio, we organized a successful BUSINESSEUROPE Day to discuss industrial competitiveness with the leaders of our member federations and of the European Union. The Konsentio team did an outstanding work within a very short timeframe

Markus Beyrer

Director General, BUSINESSEUROPE



On 26 March 2015, BUSINESSEUROPE, the leading voice of enterprises at European level, hosted its second BUSINESSEUROPE Day.

This year’s theme was ‘Invest in Europe’. BUSINESSEUROPE brought together more than 350 business leaders and decision-makers to debate actions to be taken to enhance investment in Europe as well as what European companies expect from the new European investment plan.

This years speakers included European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz and First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE, Kurt Bock.

Once again, Konsentio is proud to have  developed, organised and executed BUSINESSEUROPE Day together with BUSINESSEUROPE.

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On 28 January, BUSINESSEUROPE brought together a distinguished group of 350 business leaders and political decision-makers to debate the future of European industry and shape policies to improve competitiveness.

Together with BUSINESSEUROPE, we developed, organised and executed a new concept of BUSINESSEUROPE Day fostering dialogue and real debate between the European business community and policy makers on how “Industry matters”.

With a set of BUSINESSEUROPE policy recommendations for an industrial compact, formulated on the basis of a comprehensive report “Industry as a growth engine in the global economy” undertaken by IW Consult Köln, industrial competitiveness is now on the lips of policy makers and business leaders across Europe.

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