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Konsentio can help you define and execute a strategy that will make your voice heard in Brussels. It is possible to influence decision-making and the EU agenda, but it takes knowledge and experience. This is where we can assist you.

Realising that you have a challenge is a first step in the quest to influence political decision-makers. Even more important for your success is the ability to provide solutions, which bridge diverse political interests.

We will assist you in the process towards making your voice heard in Brussels


We can provide

  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping
  • Monitoring of the legal and political decision making process
  • High quality position papers and reports
  • A clear advocacy strategy
  • A concrete plan of action


And we will help you execute your plan of action by

  • Engaging with key political players
  • Establishing useful stakeholder coalitions
  • Organising effectful events (conferences, round tables, etc.)
  • Ensuring the adequate media exposure
  • Keeping you informed through constant monitoring


We look forward to helping you with your challenge.

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Make your voice heard in Brussels.